Screen Cleaner

Protect your investment by using our specially developed, ammonia and alcohol-free, screen cleaner; safe to use on any type of HDTV as well as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and eyeglasses.

Price: $15.99

Product Highlights

  • Ammonia and alcohol-free
  • Antibacterial microfiber cloth included
  • Safe for HDTVs, computer screens, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and eyeglasses
  • Non-toxic; safe for children and pets
  • Made in the USA

Did You Know?

  • DISH Screen Cleaner kits are made and packaged in the USA by Commercial Support Service (CSS), an employment and job training provider for developmentally disabled adults since 1965
  • Ammonia-based products damage screens over time
  • Used by NASA, Disney, Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, and ViewSonic

What's In The Box?

  • Two-ounce bottle of screen cleaner
  • Antibacterial microfiber cloth

Technical Specs

  • Proprietary anti-static cleaner
  • Will not damage screens with special coatings
  • Leaves an antistatic finish on the screen
  • Cleaner & cloth are 100% non-toxic


  • One-year product warranty
  • Contact DISH at 800-333-DISH (3474) for issues within 30 days of purchase date
  • Contact Klear Screen at 800-505-5327 for defective products

Manufacturer Information

  • Meridrew Enterprises

(866) 789-4227

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